Belyaev Alexander Vladimirovich

Research Associate at the Security Research Department of the Institute of Archaeology named after A.Kh. Khalikov, Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tatarstan, Research Associate at the Bolgar Civilization Study Department of Bolgar State Historical and Architectural Museum-Reserve

Belyaev Alexander Vladimirovich (August 19, 1986, Kuibyshev, TASSR). Since 2004 Alexander Vladimirovich studied at the History Department of the Tatar State University of Humanities and Education. In 2008 he entered the graduate school at the Institute of History named after Sh. Mardzhani of the Tatarstan Academy of Sciences.

Academic interests: archaeology of Volga Bolgaria and the Golden Horde.

Scientific Grants:

Archeometric and archeotechnological study of cast iron ware as an item of material culture of Middle Volga towns in the 16th c. (contract No. 14-58-FG 2016, contractor).