Archaeology of the Eurasian Steppes No 3 2019

Gubaidullin Airat M. Fortification in the Middle Volga Region in the 10th – first half of the 16th Centuries. Kazan, 2019. 323 р.

The defensive systems of medieval defensive fortified settlments and hillforts as one of significant elements of the medieval towns are analysed in the monograph. These systems substantially reflected the specific features of establishment and technological achievements of various societies. The book features the study of fortification of Middle Volga states in the 10th – first half of the 16th centuries, which demonstrates a sufficiently high level not only against the general background of the development of military and defensive arts of the East-European peoples, but also in the entire Eurasia.
The book is intended for archaeologists, historians, military engineers and everyone interested in the history of fortification.