Archaeology of the Eurasian Steppes. Issue 4

Markov V.N. The Lower Kama region in the Ananyino period (On Ethnocultural Components of Ananyino Community). Series “Archaeology of the Eurasian Steppes”, Issue 4 - Kazan: Institute of History, Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tatarstan, 2007, 136 p.

The fourth book from the “Archaeology of the Eurasian Steppes” series is dedicated to the 150th Anniversary of the discovery of Ananyino burial ground. It addresses the history of the distant ancestors of the Finno-Ugric peoples who inhabited the Volga-Kama region in the early Iron Age on the basis of an analysis of archaeological material. Ananyino culture (9th-5th centuries BC) is presented not as a unified whole, but rather as a combination of several archaeological cultures existing in a single territory. The author’s attention is drawn by the issues of cultural origins and ethnogenesis in a detailed study of ceramic complexes from settlements and burial grounds.

The book is intended for archaeologists, historians and those interested in the ancient history of Tatarstan.