Archaeology of The Eurasian Steppes №3 2020

N.B. Vasilieva. Stone industry of the Mesolithic Sites in the Mologa-Sheksna Interfluve. Kazan, 2020.171 p

The monograph presents results of paleo-economic reconstructions the Mesolithic sites at the Mologa-Sheksna interfluve located in the central part of the European North. The author used technical-morphological, experimental-traceological and spatial analyzes of stone production inventory in order to fully reveal the information potential of the studied materials. The work presents the first description of the characteristic features of the flint processing technology and the main types of production activities practiced by the Mesolithic population of the region. The results of completed studies and archaeological context information have allowed to identify functional typology of the sites, as characterize various aspects of the historical and cultural processes which occurred at the Mologa-Sheksna interfluve during the Mesolithic.

The monograph is intended for archaeologists, historians, local historians, museum workers, university professors, teachers and everyone interested in primeval history.