Kazan Archaeological Expedition

The first attempts to perform an archaeological study of Kazan took place in middle of the 19th century, and were associated with the names of local ethnographers and scientists P. A. Ponomarev, N. P. Zagoskin, A. F. Likhachev, A. A. Stukenberg, N. F. Vysotsky and V. I. Zausailova. In the 1920-50s, studies were conducted in the territory of the city by N. F. Kalinin, I. N. Borozdin, O. S. Khovanskaya, V. F. Smolin. From the 1960s to the early 1990s the activities were carried out under the supervision of Professor A. Kh. Khalikov.
Since 1994, the Kazan Archaeological Expedition under the supervision of F. Sh. Khuzin and A. G. Sitdikov began the extensive and comprehensive studies of the territory of the Kazan Kremlin, and subsequently the entire historical area of the city and the surrounding historical settlements.
Since early 2005 and until the present day, the Kazan Archaeological Expedition conducts annual archaeological studies at all newly developed sites in the historical center, and performs activities on the monitoring of archaeological sites located within the boundaries of the city.