V.V. Nikitin. The culture of pit-comb ornament dishware carriers in the Mari-Kazan Volga region. Series “Archaeology of the Volga Region and the Urals: Materials and Studies”. Issue 3. Kazan: ZAO Izdatelskiy Dom Kazanskaya Nedvizhimost Publ., 2015. – 276 p.

The book presents the main results obtained during the study of the culture of pit-comb dishware carriers in the Mari-Kazan Volga region initiated by A.Kh. Khalikov in the 1950s. The publication features the excavation materials of almost all sites investigated during expeditions headed by A.Kh. Khalikov and V.V. Nikitin. The analytical tables and material culture samples enable the reader to establish a personal vision of the historical process in the Neolithic of the Middle Volga region. The publication is intended for archaeologists, historians, students and everyone interested in the ancient history of the native land.