Tyumen and Siberian Khanates / Editors D. N. Maslyuzhenko A. G. Sitdikov, R.R. Khayrutdinov. – Kazan: Publishing House of Kazan University, 2018. – 560 p.

The monograph is dedicated to the history of the Tyumen and Siberian Khanates founded in the south of Western Siberia by the descendants of Shiban, grandson of Genghis Khan. The book addresses the issues of source studies and history of the research of khanates, and the main stages of the history of local statehood and power institutions. Particular attention is paid to the various directions of the foreign policy of the Khanates. The authors completed an analysis of the ethnic history, economic structure, religious culture and the features of military art. The work describes the processes of the fall of the Siberian Khanate, its inclusion to the territory of Russia and the fates of the various population groups under these circumstances.

The book is intended for historians, archaeologists, ethnographers, cultural scientists and everyone interested in the history of Tatar statehood and Western Siberia in the Middle Ages.