The Middle Volga and Southern Urals: Man and Nature in Antiquity. Collection of Scientific Articles dedicated to the 75th Anniversary of Doctor of Historical Sciences Evgeny Petrovich Kazakov. – Kazan: Fen Publ., Tatarstan Academy of Sciences, 2009. – 380 p.

The collection is dedicated to the 75th anniversary of a renowned specialist in the field of primeval and medieval archaeology of the Middle Volga Region and the Urals, Doctor of Historical Sciences E.P. Kazakov. The wide range of his academic interests accounts for the broad chronology and diverse subjects of the articles included in the collection, written by archaeologists and natural scientists from the research centers and universities of the Middle Volga Region, Southern Urals, and Moscow. The chronological range of the fourteen publications covered practically every period of the region’s ancient history from the Upper Paleolithic to the Middle Ages.

The collection also contains a list of scientific works by E.P. Kazakov.

The finding on the cover is a dagger from a burial of Izmery VII burial ground of the early Iron Age excavated by E.P. Kazakov.