The Bolgar City. Craft of Metallurgists, Blacksmiths, Casters. – Kazan: G. Ibragimov Institute of Language, Literature and Art Publ., 1996. – 300 p.

The book continues a study of the crafts of one of the largest medieval cities in Eastern Europe, political, economical and cultural center of the Volga-Kama region, and such leading crafts as the manufacture of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Profound technical and typological analysis of the large amount of archaeological material is used in order to study the metallurgical process and diverse products crafted by blacksmiths and casters.

The study of inscriptions on art material widely spread in Bolgar is of special interest to researchers.

The book contains information on chemical, spectral and metallographic analysis, and numerous illustrations.

It is intended for archaeologists and specialists of related disciplines studying the history and culture of the Volga-Kama region and Eastern Europe, as well as a wide range of interested readers.