MIRAS – HERITAGE. Volume 2. Tatarstan – Crimea. Bolgar Town and the Study of the Tatar Culture in Tatarstan and the Crimea in 1923-1929: in 3 volumes / Compiler and Executive Editor S.G. Bocharov, A.G. Sitdikov. – OOO Aster Plus, 2016. – 572 p.

The monograph is dedicated to the scientific work of the expedition for studying of the Tatar culture in the Crimea and Tatarstan conducted in 1924-1929 under the supervision of I.N. Borozdin, A.S. Bashkirov and U.A. Bodaninsky. This is the first publication of a collection of materials of an expedition for studying of the cultural heritage of the Tatar people of the Volga Bolgaria period (10th - 13th centuries), the Golden Horde (13th - 15th centuries) and the early Tatar states (16th - 17th centuries). The third volume features materials of an expedition to Tatarstan and the Crimea deposited in Russian archives.

The monograph is intended for historians, archaeologists, ethnographers, museologists and experts in the history of cultural heritage, and has a great educational value for a wide range of readers.