Research activity

Directions of Scientific Research Activities of the Institute of Archaeology named after A.Kh. Khalikov
of the Tatarstan Academy of Sciences for 2022-2024



 Direction 1. Study of the Continuity and Transformation of the Archaeological Cultures of NORTHERN EURASIA.

Problem 1. Cultural and Historical Processes and Ecological Situation in the Volga-Kama Region from the Stone Age to the Early Iron Age

Topic 1.1. Traditions and Innovations in the Production of Stone Tools and the Sustenance of the Population of the Middle Volga and Lower Kama Regions in the Stone, Early Metal and Early Iron Ages

Topic 1.2. Study of Eneolithic Ceramic Complexes of the Middle Volga Region and Adjacent Territories (The Mari El and Chuvash Republics, Kostroma Oblast)

Topic 1.3. Development and Transformation of the Cultures of the Bronze Age in the Volga-Kama Region and Adjacent Territories

Topic 1.4. Development of Agriculture and Landscape Dynamics of the Volga-Kama Region from the Late Bronze Age to the Early Iron Age

Topic 1.5. Ananyino Cultural and Historical Area: Common and Special Aspects of Archaeological Cultures

Subtopic 1.5.1. Structure, Character and Dynamics of Sociocultural Interactions of the Archaeological Communities of the Late Bronze Age – Early Iron Age in the Forest Trans-Volga and Vetluga Regions

Topic 1.6. Population of the Volga Region and Adjacent Territories from the Turn of the Eras to the Middle Ages Based on Paleoanthropology Information

Problem 2. Material Culture of the Population of the Volga-Urals and Steppe Eurasia in the Middle Ages and the Modern Age.

Topic 2.1. Archaeological Monuments of the Volga-Urals of the Early Middle Ages (5th-10th cc.)

Topic 2.2. Archaeological Monuments of the Volga Bolgaria of the 10th-13th cc.

Topic 2.3. Archaeological Monuments of the Ulus of Jochi of the 13th-15th cc.

Topic 2.4. Archaeology of the Kazan Region in the Late Middle Ages and the Modern Age (16th-19th cc.)

Topic 2.5. Archaeology of the Tatar State Formations of the Middle Ages and the Modern Age

Topic 2.6. Archaeological Monuments of Central Asia of the Middle Ages

Subtopic 2.6.1. Monuments of the Early Turks of the Altai-Sayan Region

Subtopic 2.6.2. Archaeological Monuments of Central Asia in the Period of the Mongol Empire (Golden Horde)

Problem 3. Interdisciplinary Studies of the Material Culture of the Monuments of the Volga-Ural Region

Topic 3.1. Archaeological Materials Science and Archeotechnologies

Topic 3.2. Methodology of the Study of Degradation Processes and the Conservation of Archaeological Materials

Topic 3.3. Theory and Methodology of the Museumification of Archaeological Heritage and the Formation of Museum Archaeological Collections



Direction 2. Preservation and Study of the Historical and Cultural Heritage of the Republic of Tatarstan

 Problem 1. Integration of Archaeological Information into the Geoportal “The Cultural Heritage of Tatarstan and the Tatar People”

Topic 1.1. Interactive Database for Archaeological Studies of the Republic of Tatarstan

Topic 1.2. Photofixation and Visualization of Archaeological Heritage Sites using Geodetic and Geoinformation Study Methods

Problem 2. Development of Scientific Monographs, Textbooks, Study Guides

Topic 2.1. Creation of the Textbook “The Archaeology of the Ural-Volga Region”

Topic 2.2. Development of the Multi-Volume Publication “The Archaeology of the Volga-Urals”

Problem 3. Scientific Restoration of the Archaeological Heritage and the Methodology of Fund Work

Topic 3.1. Laboratory Processing of Archaeological Collections and their Museum Registration

Topic 3.2. Formation of Museum Collections and State Registration of Archaeological Objects

Topic 3.3. Scientific Restoration and Conservation of Museum Items and Archaeological Finds

Topic 3.4. Compilation and Scientific Processing of Materials from the Scientific Fund of the Museum of Archaeology of the Republic of Tatarstan