In memory of Andrei Mikhailovich Belavin

On March 14, 2024, Russian science suffered a heavy loss – the famous Perm historian and archaeologist Andrei Mikhailovich Belavin died suddenly. He was 65 years old.

Andrey Mikhailovich achieved success not only in the academic sphere, working as a professor of the Department of Russian and General History and Archaeology at Perm State Pedagogical University, but also in the administrative positions of the first director of Perm Branch of the Institute of History and Archaeology UB RAS and vice-rector for research and external relations of the University.

The key field of A.M. Belavin’s research activity was connected with the issues of cultural and economic relationship between Volga Bolgaria and the population of the Perm Cis-Urals. The continuation of this theme was working out a concept of the existence of the Kama trade route as a branch of the Great Volga route connecting Volga Bolgaria with the northern Finno-Ugric areas. Andrei Mikhailovich also paid considerable attention to the ethnogenesis of the medieval population in the Kama river region.

As Alfred Khalikov’s student, he in the scientific activity was guided by his mentor’s principles: always follow the material; not afraid to change his concept if new facts appear, even if it goes against the established views. And when his opponents tried to accuse him of “Khalikovism”, he always recalled a phrase once had said by Alfred Khasanovich: “Andrei, do not hesitate to throw a stone into the water and see how the circles will spread out…”.

The concepts by Andrei Mikhailovich never went unnoticed, were not always accepted unambiguously and caused scientific polemics, but they stood the test of time, received numerous new confirmations and formed the basis of modern ideas about the peculiarities of the Middle Ages in Perm region.

His fundamental research on the history of Volga Bolgaria was also reflected in his public activity. The studies of Kazan and Yelabuga were carried out with his support and consultations.

A.M. Belavin’s special achievements as a scientist and teacher were marked by state awards: Honoured Worker of Higher Education of the Russian Federation, Medal “In Commemoration of the 1000th Anniversary of Kazan”, etc.

Andrei Mikhailovich will always remain in the memory of his students and colleagues as a talented scientist, brilliant leader and tactfull teacher.

Tatarstan archaeologists mourn together with all colleagues of Russia and express deepest sympathies to the family and relatives of Andrei Mikhailovich Belavin.