R.M. Valeev, A.G. Sitdikov, R.R. Khairutdinov. Bolgar Historical and Archaeological Complex. Vol. 1. Bolgar – UNESCO World Heritage Site / R.M. Valeev, A.G. Sitdikov, R.R. Khairutdinov. Kazan: OOO Glavdizain, 2016. – 400 p.

The work features a study of the scientific and conceptual issues reflecting the place, role and importance of Bolgar in the world history and culture, and a justification of the outstanding universal value of Bolgar Historical and Archaeological Complex, its integrity, authenticity, comparative analysis and conceptual framework of the protection and management of this UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage Site.

This scientific publication is intended for students, master students, postgraduate students, specialists of higher education institutions, culture and arts, experts in the field of protection and restoration of cultural heritage sites, museum workers, and everyone interested in issues of archaeology, history, cultural studies, architecture and urban development, museology and protection of cultural and natural heritage.