Museum of Bolgar Civilization. Vol. 1. Ancient Bolgar: Life of the Town / V.S. Baranov, D.G. Bugrov, A.G. Sitdikov, Kazan: Glavdizain, 2016, 267 p.

The exposition catalog of the Museum of Bolgar Civilization features 10th-15th century study materials of the Bolgar settlement architectural and archaeological site. The diverse collection was obtained over more than one and a half centuries of its study. The site is associated with the town of Bolgar - one of the largest political, economic, cultural and religious centers of the Volga-Urals in the Middle Ages. Its uniqueness has been acknowledged by inclusion in the UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage List. This volume of the catalog is dedicated to the section of the exposition addressing the various aspects of the material and spiritual culture of this medieval town. The peculiarities of military art, household and economic activities, and the range of Bolgar’s international relations are represented in detail by the archaeological materials.
The richly illustrated publication is intended for archaeologists, historians and everyone interested in the past of our homeland.