I.V. Kovtun. Andronovsky ornament (morphology and mythology). – Kazan: Kazanskaya Nedvizhimost Publ., 2016, 547 p.

The monograph considers the typological classification and mythology of the Andronovo ornamental complex of the first half of the second Millennium B.C. The study features approximately 2000 vessels from the Collection of Andronovo Ornamentation. The author substantiates the criteria of the type-morphological originality of the Andronovo ornament. He addresses the issues of the outlook, ethnic and linguistic affiliation of the Andronovo population of North-West Asia. Also, the monograph presents a reconstruction of the semantic meanings of key ornamental plots on Andronovo vessels.

The work is intended for archaeologists, palaeoethnologists, art scholars, religion historians and specialists in the field of ethnolinguistic and cultural genesis of Indo-Iranian peoples.