Great Bolgar. – Moscow, Kazan: Feoriya Publ., 2013. – 404 p.: illustrated.

The Atlas “Great Bolgar” is a comprehensive historical, archaeological and cartographic representation of the results of many years of studies of a unique medieval monument - Bolgar settlement - located at the site of one of the largest urban centers of medieval Eastern Europe in the 11th - 14th centuries - Great Bolgar - the most ancient former center of Volga Bolgaria, and subsequently the first capital of the Ulus Jochi (the Golden Horde). The Atlas features a comprehensive detailed summary of the history, urban planning, material and spiritual culture of the medieval town. Dedicated sections of the book are related to the history of the study, preservation and contemporary use of the historical, cultural and natural heritage of the unique site. The particular attention drawn by the site is accounted for by the fact that it represents the quintessence of the entire Tatar history. The versatile life of Great Bolgar is used as an example of the process of establishment and development of the medieval urban culture of the Middle Volga region and the multilateral economic and cultural relations of the Bolgar civilization which formed the framework of the contemporary Tatar ethnic group.

The book is intended for historians, archaeologists and a wide range of readers interested in history.