Fedorov-Davydov G.A., Mukhametshin D.G. Karatun Hoard of Juchid Сoins from 14th century / G. A. Fedorov-Davydov, D. G. Mukhametshin. Kazan: Orange Key Publishing house, 2020. Vol. II. 487 p.

The Karatun hoard of coins discovered in 1986 in the Apastovsky District of the Tatarstan Republic is the largest known hoard of Golden Horde (Juchid) coins.
The hoard features coins minted by almost all Golden Hoard khans of the 14th century, including Golden Hoard dirham imitations, coins of the Iranian dynasty of Jalayirids, coins minted by Timur and his khans, several coins from Russian principalities, and single coins from the Trapezuntine Empire and Galician Rus.
The book includes coin inventories and other materials by G.A. Fedorov-Davydov, a description of coin types, and tables with photographs of the coins. The research section of the book is dedicated to the significance of the Karatun hoard in the history of the East-European peoples.
The publication is intended for academic and museum specialists, numismatists, historians, collectors, and a wide range of readers interested in the history of the currency of Eastern Europe, political and economic history of the Volga Region, the Crimea, the Caucasus, and other regions of the Golden Horde.