Archaeology and Natural Sciences of Tatarstan. Book 4. The work is dedicated to the memory of Aida Grigoryevna Petrenko, Doctor of Biological Sciences. – Kazan: OOO Foliant Publ.; Sh. Marjani Institute of History, Tatarstan Academy of Sciences, 2011. – 372 p. + 16 inserts.

The collection is a consecutive (fourth) publication of the series “Archaeology and Natural Sciences of Tatarstan” initiated by Chief Research Associate, Doctor of Biological Sciences A.G. Petrenko (September 16, 1933 - January 27, 2010). This book includes thirteen articles, ten of which were written by the participants in the RFBR interdisciplinary research project “Primeval Man and the Natural Environment in the Volga-Kama Region: Methodological Aspects of the Reconstruction of Nature Management and Economic Activity” carried out under the auspices of the Institute of History of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tatarstan in 2007–2009. The articles feature the results of a comprehensive study of the various areas of archaeology of the Volga-Kama Region and individual primeval sites.