Nadir Devlet

Nadir Devlet

Nadir Devlet 

Foreign Member of TAS

Devlet N., D.Sc. (History), professor of Marmara University (Turkey), Foreign member of TAS, was born in 1944.

Prof. Devlet is an authority in the field of history of culture of Turkic nations and Tatars, who live in Tatarstan and out of it, particularly in Turkey and the Far East. He was born in Mukden, Manchuria. Education: Bachelor (1967-1971) - Istanbul University, Master (1972-1974) - Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich (Germany), Doctor (1976-1982) - Istanbul University, Department of General Turkic History. Positions held: Lecturer (1984-2001) - Marmara University of Istanbul, Deputy Director (1986-1997) - Turkic Studies Center at Marmara University of Istanbul, Director (1997-2000) - Turkic Studies Center at Marmara University of Istanbul, Lecturer (1997-2005) - Military Academy, Department Chairman (2001­2007) - Department of History at Yeditepe University of Istanbul.

Nadir Devlet is a professor of the Marmara University of Istanbul since 1992. Fields of his scientific interest: History of Central Asia and Turkic World, Public Relations. His main scientific work is «History of National Struggle of Turkic Nations in Russia 1905-1917». Prof. Devlet has written scientific works on social and political processes among Tatars in the period of 1905-1917, 1917-1919, outlines of scientific and practical expeditions, about 20 monographs in Turkish, Tatar, Russian, Azerbaijan and English. They include: «Liderligin Efendisi Cengiz Han» (2007), «Studies in the Politics History and Culture of Turcik Peoples» (Istanbul, 2005), «Rusya Turklerinin Milli Mucadele Tarihi» (Ankara, 1998) etc., monographs - «History of National Struggle of Turkic Nations in Russia 1905-1917», «What’s Happened to Tatars and Bashkirs of the Far East?» published in 1998 and in 2005 in Kazan in Tatar.

Prof. Devlet is a member of a number of associations and scientific organizations: Institute of Turkish Cultural Research (1993), Turkish Historical Society (1995-2001), Uyesi (2004), Bilim Kurumi (2006). He is honorary member of the Ibrahimov Institute for Language, Literature and Art (TAS) (1993), Association of the Intellectual and Scientific Property Possessors (1986). He is a member of editorial boards of many publications: «Tatarika» (Kazan, since 1998), «Turkistan Newsletter» (Internet, 1998-2000), «Tarih ve Medeniyet» (Istanbul, 1994-1999), «Central Asian Survey» (London, since 1988), «Kazan» (Turkey, 1970-1973 - editor-in- chief, 1973-1980 - a member of editorial board).

Phone: Turkey, 8(10-90-216) 455-85-20