Vizgalova Maria Yuryevna

Research Associate of the restoration and analytical department of the Institute of Archaeology named after A.Kh. Khalikov of the Tatarstan Academy of Sciences

Specialty: Teacher of History

Education: Higher, Kazan State Pedagogical University

Professional Experience:

Applied Art Studio (Head);

Cameral Department (Laboratory Specialist);

Restoration and Analytical Department (Laboratory Research Associate).

Academic Interests: restoration, reconstruction, attribution, interpretation of archaeological items made of organic materials: fiber materials, birchbark, wood, leather, fabric of the Late Middle Ages and the Modern Period.


1. “Horse” leather toy of the 17th-17th Centuries from Tatarskaya Slobodka on the Island of Sviyazhsk. Co-authored by: L.F. Bogatova, A.S. Starkov, Yu.V. Fedotova // Sviyazhsk Readings, 2013.

2. Lapti as an Archaeological Material: Origin, Classification, Restoration (on the Example of Findings from Sviyazhsk and Kazan). Co-authored by: Abdullin Kh.M., Sitdikov A.G., Starkov A.S., Fedotova Yu.V., Khramchenkova R.Kh. // The Volga River Region Archaeology, 2014. No.3, pp. 277-293

3. Restoration and Study of the Archaeological Textile of the Golden Horde Period from the Burial of a Bolgar Woman (Late 14th Century). Co-authored by Yu.V. Fedotova, N.P. Sinitsyna, O.V. Orfinskaya // The Volga River Region Archaeology, 2015, No.3, pp. 74 – 91.